Welcome to car Diagnostics Bexhill, part of the Car-Tec group of websites.

Our aim is to provide help and advise for when your car’s fault lights show and dispel common myths surrounding the diagnosis of modern electronic vehicle systems.

We hope to provide an ever growing wealth of information as well as, maybe, some light- hearted content related to the diagnosis of these ever more complicated systems present in every modern vehicle

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We offer numerous diagnostic services ranging from a basic “plug in, scan and report,” where we retrieve fault codes and report our findings, to a full vehicle wide scan of all ECU’s with a full printed or E-Mailed report of the status and fault codes from every ECU on the vehicle. This can be a quick way of getting to know your vehicle’s electronic status as it acquires every fault code from every system weather the fault is lighting a warning light or not.

Our full scan and report is generally available on most vehicles built from 2005 that use multiplexed systems and is currently just £49.99 (inc vat).

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Common Myths

“I just need a fault light turning off.” This is something we hear on a regular basis and unfortunately is not that simple. If a system has an intermittent fault on it then it can usually be reset and the ECU will extinguish the light until the fault next occurs, which could be milliseconds to weeks or months later.

“The scanner tells you which part to change.” Actually the scanner gives an indication to a particular circuit that misbehaves. Even in a simple circuit that could include: several metres of wire, numerous joins or connectors, a sensor or actuator or influence from an undetectable mechanical fault. For example, a leak in a manifold can cause an ECU to set a fault code for a Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor outside limits.

“I bought a cheap EOBD reader on the internet but it won’t show the fault.” Whilst plain EOBD readers are great, we have three different “cheap” readers that we use for various things, they lack the software to access systems not covered by the requirements of EOBD. Enter several thousand pounds worth of equipment backed up by teams of developers constantly creating updates and new systems access for ever more complex vehicles.

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Our Services


We carry out repairs on cars and light commercials including MOT repairs, Brakes, Suspension, Cambelts and Electrics.


We have a range of diagnostic equipment available to us in order to accurately diagnose faults in modern electronic systems. For more details browse our Diagnostics sister site


We tailor our servicing on a very much individual basis taking into consideration several factors like annual mileage, type of usual driving and owner input. For more information on our servicing see our Servicing sister site.

MOT Testing

We are NOT an MOT testing station. We can, however arrange and present your car for it’s MOT and any required re-test using our near neighbour Adam’s MOT Centre

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Where to find us


Unit 16, Beeching Park Ind Est, Wainwright Road, Bexhill-On-Sea, E. Sussex. TN39 3UR